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Welcome to the post-wedding web page! Below is plenty of info about how the wedding went, and links to some good photos in our online photo album. The St Paul cocktail reception is coming up soon, so dont forget! And, as always, our wedding gift registries are available online.

St Paul Cocktail Reception

Saturday, September 25, 2004, 7:00 PM
Chang O'Haras Bistro
498 Selby Avenue
St Paul, MN

Wed, 22 Sep 2004


I must say, that our wedding in Seattle was just about the best wedding I have ever been to, or heard of. I cannot imagine how it could have been more perfect...

The cake, the food, the church, the staff, the music, the ceremony, the flowers, the photographer, and especially the guests... everything was perfect. We got so many compliments about everything... so many people saying it was the best wedding they ever went to (including their own).

Everybody was having a great time... even those who knew almost nobody there fit right in and enjoyed themselves. Perhaps the fact that we were giggling through most of the ceremony helped set the relaxed, whimsical mood... or perhaps it was just the open bar. Either way, it was great!

We have a handful of photos online already, but they are extremely limited. I was too busy socializing to take very many, and Shelia (my new sister in law) took ones mostly of Michelle's side of the family... so my family will have to wait until our photographer sends us the negatives before they'll see themselves in much. Sorry guys! After the honeymoon, I promise!

Next up is the party in St Paul. It probably wont be as amazing as the reception in Seattle... but since a lot of the same folks will be attending, it will still be a great time! See you there...

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