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Tue, 27 Jul 2004

Tuesday Tutorials

Like Monday, the Tuesday tutorials were a mixed bag...

The first tutorial was about wxPython widgets, and it was very good. The widgets looked very professional, and the wx libraries have been around for almost a decade... so its stable and performs quite well. The only thing that concerns me is deployment. Getting all the right libraries on a vanilla system to get the UI to look good would be hard.

The second talk was disappointing. I had wanted to go to the talk on advanced wxPython, but that was sold out. So I had to go to the one one getting DBAs and programmers to play nicely. I have no idea who the target audience was for that talk, but it sure wasn't me. I saw very little practical advice for either DBAs or programmers. This was very surprising, because the presenter worked on the human genome project. He obviously knew his stuff... I just dont think he's a good presenter.

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