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Thu, 29 Jul 2004

Thursday Sessions

Todays talks were quite good. I heard some cool stuff about the state of Python 2.4, and how great a language it is for teaching.

The talk about Tsearch2 and POSGRESQL was interesting... although I dont think its quite ready for us to suggest to customers. The talk on PHP performance was a good high-level talk, and I picked up a few new Apache performance tricks.

I picked up a few things about whats currently available in the Python lightning talks, and about what's next at the state of the Python union talk. Its a big Python love-fest. Making something like CPAN for Python would be a good idea to help the community.

I also had the opportunity to meet Jeremy White, my boss's brother. He's one of the lead developers on the Wine project, which allows people to run Windows apps on Linux. Quite an important and incredibly difficult project indeed.

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