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Thu, 29 Jul 2004

Thursday Keynotes

The Dyson trio keynote was interesting. Its cool to see a great thinker like Freeman Dyson talk about topics like the future of technology. Although he's a bit of a science worshipper for my taste. If the purpose of science is to serve mankind, then humility should be considered a virtue on par with innovation. Just because we know our way around a research lab, doesnt mean we always know what's best for the world. Nevertheless, I was able to get a photo of the two of us.

The second talk was pretty good as well. Bdale Garbee reinforced the idea that its hackers and inventors that push the envelope of science the best. People like Tesla, Goddard, or the Wright Brothers did things that everybody else said was crazy... Bdale tooted his own horn a bit about the amature satelites that he helped launch. Dang. Just like the X-Prize, the hackers are now after the final frontier!

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