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Mon, 09 Aug 2004

I repeat - you do not talk about Bike Club!

Michelle was out of town again this Saturday, so naturally I joined the guys again for the Saturday night bike ride.

This one was a bit less adventurous... we rode from the Minneapolis U of MN campus, to the St Paul campus. Yay. We pokes around the State Fair grounds, and from that moment onward everybody had a yen for fried cheese curds...

We then hooked up with a few other people, and kept heading East. We eventually hit a trail that could either take us to downtown St Paul, or all the way to dang Wisconsin. We seriously debated the Wisconsin route... while we waited, one of the bikers caused a smal ruckus. He didn't bring any food or water, but for some reason he remembered to bring fireworks. The night sky was lit up... Tim admired his randomness.

Eventually we decided to head to St Paul, and we swung by the Capitol building. Another fair was there, also closed, and also advertising cheese curds. Well, that fixed it... we blasted down Univeristy Ave back to the Minneapolis campus, to the only place in the city that sells cheese curds at 2 AM. And there was much rejoicing.

I hope I can ride with these guys again soon, but given my busy pre-wedding schedule, I dont think it will happen for a while yet. Oh well...

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