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Sun, 18 Jul 2004

you do not TALK about bike club!

Michelle is back in Seattle this week, so I decided to spend my Saturday night with Alec on his Saturday Night Bike Ride. Thirteen people showed this week, and we probably biked around 50 miles around the city... It was pretty high speed too...

We started at the Minneapolis U of MN campus, we went to St Paul along the river, blasted through some trails by Fort Snelling, meandered into downtown St Paul, and crossed the High Bridge.

At that point it was about midnight, and Alec wanted to head back to the King And I for a cocktail and a snack... but the group wanted to keep going, and claimed to know a great way to Minneapolis. Well, we went along the west bank of the river for a while, and wound up in Mendota. Not the most direct route Id say... we didn't get back to Uptown till 2:30 AM... of course, Chuck getting a flat didn't speed things up any.

Most of the trails were pretty dark. Luckily Alec brought two headlghts, and let me borrow one. That was a lifesaver, literally! We were really close to home - barely a mile - and wouldn't you know it... I took a nasty spill on the greenway. My left leg and arm are a bit banged up, but that's life when you bike everywhere!

I hope to be able to do it again sometime... but I'll need a bit of time to heal first...

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