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Thu, 01 Jan 2004

January News

Happy new year! For those who dont know, Im engaged to a wonderful girl by the name of Michelle Jones. She's the dark-haired beauty with the great smile in my photo album. The light-haired beauty with the adequate grin is myself...

Michelle will be moving to Minneapolis this spring, so I'll be going through some serious changes in my life... namely I think I'll have to get cable, a TIVO, and internet access to keep her entertained. Ive been a luddite for so long, I dont know if I can deal with shelling out $100 each month just so I can STILL complain, "there's nothing on."

And she's not a fan of the huge sythe I have hanging in my living room. Hmm... I think I'll need people to take a poll on that one. Hands up if you like the scary blade!

We also just got back from a trip to the Virgin Islands. The photos for that should be up soon... we chartered a yacht with my buddy Alec and six other friends, and spent a week sailing around the Carribean. It was an incredible time. Swimming, snorkeling, sailing, and just plain doing nothing!

The water was amazingly clear, and blue. You could see the ocean floor through 50 feet of water! We saw a dozen dolphins, some stringray, a few sea turtles, and a handful of barracuda lurking about.

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