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Thu, 21 Apr 2005

In Memory of Syd, My First Pet

Im sad to have to write that one of my pets passed away today. His name was Syd, and he was the first pet that I had as an adult. He was a textbook cockatiel - grey body, yellow head, and bright orange cheeks. He also loved sitting on Michelle's head, as you can see in the photo below. Click on it to see others pictures and video of him:

I found him at the Humane Society. He was, believe it or not, a stray bird... which is fairly rare, although one of my other 2 birds is also a stray. They didn't know for certain, but they think he was five years old when I got him. That would make him 15 this year. I know that's average for his breed, but it was still such a shock. He was happy and singing last night, not one sign of illness or age. It looks like he passed away peacefully in his sleep.

I have 2 other cockatiels, but Syd was everybody's favorite. Not because he was the nicest of birds, but because he had the best personality. Despite being completely tone deaf and the worst composer ever, he was frequently singing. He was also quite sneaky, sticking his head out of the cage so you could pet him, then pulling it back at the last second. Then putting it back out again too see if you'd fall for it again. And when he was out of the cage, he refused to go back in unless I bribed him with his favorite treats.

He would whistle, and chatter, and chuckle, and bob his head up and down like a woodpecker listening to heavy metal music.

He was definately a character, and a wonderful pet, and Im going to miss him a lot.

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