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Mon, 01 Mar 2004

March News

I really hate blogging... I do it so often, as you can tell.

I tried several different times to get into it. I tried some of the free online systems, but there weren't enough options. I also downloaded and tried out several extensible blogging / web site management tools, from pyBloxsom to Zope (Im a Python bigot). I just couldn't get motivated. Id set up the systems just fine, I even had a lot of the UI design already done... I'd just suddenly realize that Im spending WAAAAY too much time setting up a system that I would probably never use.

I think it probably has something to do with the fact that I spend most of my day programming, and therefore its the LAST thing I want to do when I get home. I dont even listen to music or watch TV... I usually just read... there's nothing more ludicrously tragic than a luddite software engineer.

I then decided that getting a new G4 laptop and broadband would make me want to spend more time on the computer. It did, but now Im just a sad BZFlag addict. Oh well... a couple more months and it will all be out of my system, and I can get back to setting up a bigger better web site.

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