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Sat, 17 Jul 2004

finally up and running with PyBlosxom

I finally got some spare time to set up PyBloxsom on Alec's site this weekend!

Im still working the kinks out, but I got it to format the blog posts just the same way that the rest of my site does. I also whipped out a little web based Python script to allow posting via the web, and output the dynamic data to static HTML files.

It amazes me how publishing static HTML pages is such an afterthought in so much blogging software. How else could a small site POSSIBLY handle any traffic?

Anyway, Ive moved some of the news items over to the new PyBlosxom format, and will hopefully set up the 'articles' section to use the same architecture. Lots of people out there have nifty plugins for PyBlosxom... maybe I'll find something I wont need to totally rewrite ;)

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