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Tue, 31 Aug 2004

Some Fun Python links

If only I had the time to check out all of these projects...

  • Python Cookbook - a living list of recipies that will go into the next Python cookbook
  • Python BuildBot - for distributed building and unit testing
  • Twisted Matrix - event driven Python framework for building servers (HTTP, NNTP, SSH, IRC, etc!)
  • OPeNDAP/DDOS - an app using Rendezvous inside Python, interesting!
  • pyDev - yet another Python IDE, but this one has a debugger and runs inside Eclipse
  • py3d.org - a good list of all the 3D graphics engines available for Python, including POVRAY, and OpenGL
  • Cheetah - a Python templating engine, as opposed to JSP/ASP/PHP/PSP, similar to Velocity
  • PAMIE - Python Automation for IE, for writing web app test drivers
  • mechanize - Python version of WWW::Mechanize for building web page test drivers
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