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Feel free to peruse the photo album, to see the wedding photos of Michelle and I. Our honeymoon in Tahiti was amazing!

You can also see the photos from our trip to Thailand, or our sailing adventure around the Virgin Islands. You can also take a look at some of the articles Ive thrown together about politics and technology. Beware, I'm considered somewhat opinionated...

Wed, 18 Aug 2004

Our Honeymoon

For our honeymoon, Michelle and I will be speding two and a half weeks in Tahiti! Everbody has heard of Tahiti, but Ive gotten several questions about where it actually is on the map. I think I found the perfect map to illustrate its locale:

It reminds me of a great clip from the Daily Show. They were talking about the Lord Of The Rings, and how its a great boost to tourism in New Zealand... and John Stewart responded, "you know what else would help New Zealand? Being closer to the REST OF THE WORLD."

Trust me... more photos will be forthcoming...

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More Personality Tests

Well, I goaded the Cragmore Crew into all taking personality tests... its the closest we guys can get to actually talking about out feelings without risking a punch in the mouth. Here are the results, in order of who is coolest:

By 'who is coolest' I naturally mean who took the test first...

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Cleaning out my inbox...

While cleaning out my email, I came across several links to pretty cool sites that I wanted to share with my readers... both of them.

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